Luckily for me, when I think of the G20 Summit in Toronto, I won’t think of the anarchists and protests.

As the world knows, this weekend was the G20 Summit here in Toronto. We were lucky enough to have the view-point of watching the weekend unfold from just outside of the security perimeter but with the ability to see everything that was going on inside of it beside the Convention Centre. The military-style Police operations were pretty unbelievable and I have to commend our Men and Women in blue for their amazing work. We met so many friendly police officers from across Canada who were here for a single purpose – to do their job of protecting the delegates, the perimeter and the public.

Check out my Youtube video fittingly sound-tracked with “The Final Countdown” by Europe! [youtube][/youtube]

I wanted to take the opportunity of depicting how peaceful it was around our area – which ironically enough was right in front of the Convention Centre and was the very spot were the delegates would enter and exist the perimeter.

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Meanwhile the madness that was happening further North within the downtown core was completely unforgettable. The so-called Black Bloc Anarchists (vandals) do not even deserve a mention – but I wanted to take the opportunity to say something in the event that one of them did read my blog. What you did to the City of Toronto, the people who live, work and are visiting here and the people who protected, as well as those who love it here is unforgivable. You have now placed doubt in people’s minds and shown people something they never thought they would see in a city like ours. Out and out violence disguised as acts of protest. It was definitely not protest.  As a fellow Torontonian – I will never forgive you for what you did this weekend. In a city surrounded by peaceful protests – what does the world see? You and your disgraceful disrespect for our city. Please do not come back.

Luckily for me, when I think of the G20 Summit in Toronto, I won’t think of the anarchists and protests. I’ll remember how quiet it was around our condo, not having to fight the crowds for a seat on the patio, filming and photographing the helicopters bring delegates to the Summit, the Snipers on the roof watching me watching them, the preparations made by each business (including where I work) leading up to the Summit, the numbers of police, the motorcades and the feeling of hope whenever world leaders meet – hope that one day the promises they make at these Summits do actually come to fruition and something good does come of it.


Sorry it has been so long since I posted last. I recently left my job at E1 Entertainment and have moved on to a new position as New Media and Marketing Associate at Roy Thomson Hall.

Sorry it has been so long since I posted last. I recently left my job at E1 Entertainment and have moved on to a new position as New Media and Marketing Associate at Roy Thomson Hall. Everything has been going great and I love my new job and lucky for me – it is right up the street from where I live.

I’ll try to start posting more often now that things have settled down a little and I promise to include more videos and photos.



I had the pleasure of attending WWE RAW last Monday night at the Air Canada Centre. Of all of the events I’ve attended in my lifetime I have to give credit to WWE for their massive stage productions, larger than life sound and lights and for their ability to engage the audience in all of their events.

I’ve followed WWE for many years (including back in the days when they were still known at the WWF with stars like Hulk Hogan, Jake The Snake Roberts, The Hart Foundation, and others), but I always enjoy going to their live events. They are always so much fun and it’s entertaining to watch the fans get so into every match.

The WWE have set the bar high as far as their online marketing initiatives are concerned. Their web-site is ranked 553 in the world and is accompanied by a very busy WWE youtube channel and their own social network – WWE Fan Nation. They employ about 560 employees and bring in almost $400 million a year in revenue. They’ve reached into TV, Film, Music, Pay Per View Programming, DVD and Video sales, digital, the internet, mobile, video games, advertising, merchandise and more!

At this particular RAW event they included a Toronto angle by bringing back Trish Stratus to not only host but wrestle! She definitely has star power and it was interesting to hear some of the things that she’s been doing since leave the WWE like opening a yoga studio and staring in her own travel tv show!

I took some pretty awesome videos and pics from the show Monday night. Here they are… Enjoy!

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I don’t know if it’s because we went on a vacation recently, or if it’s because we’ve has such terrible weather all summer but recently we’ve been venturing out as tourists in Toronto to explore the area and see what this big beautiful city has to offer.

With our travels we’ve discovered that Steam Whistle Brewery serves free beer! All you have to do is walk in the door and they give you a couple of free coupons for 2 glasses of beer at their brewery!

We also ventured over to the new “Urban” Leon’s to look around. It’s a nice place – especially since it caters to us Condo folk. 🙂

We also went over to Centre Island and even rented a quad-ricycle! Winston, Kenny and I peddled around the island and saw some of the sights we haven’t been able to see this summer because of the City workers strike.

Here are some of the photos we took on our journey to the island! You’ll also see some photos of the crazy storm that hit about an hour after we got home!

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Living on Toronto’s waterfront definitely has its advantages. Aside from the beautiful views, amazing walking trails and nice people, there is also the Harbourfront Centre. This weekend this hub of the arts is hosting a free performance by Cirque Du Soleil!  They started setting up the stage last week inside of the Natrel Pond (the ice rink in the winter) and this week have been practising on it. It all looks pretty amazing and I’m so excited to see the final show. From the description on it sounds like it’s going to be something to experience!

Beginning Friday night, two “communities” will form on the Toronto central waterfront: one representing the natural world in which we have our instinctual roots and the urban community, the world we have constructed around ourselves. They’ll make their homes at opposite ends of the site, each in an environment antithetical to their respective world-view.

What will happen as the weekend unfolds and the two communities encounter and interact with each other? You’ll have to join in the festivities to find out – but expect to be amazed!

Here are the schedule and details for everything that’s going to go down.. (which also apparently includes closing Queens Quay!)

I’ll post photos this weekend! 🙂


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