TIFF is always a busy time of the year for film companies in general – but especially for film companies in Toronto. We were especially busy this year for weeks up to and during the festival.

Since my role in New Media is new to the film division of the company I work for, I was particularly busy creating various new media initiatives and especially supporting publicity in their busy role during the festival. One way that we worked with the media to support their needs was by taking any EPKs that we received for films, extracting the clips, trailers, interviews, high-res photos and various new media content from the discs they provided us with and uploading the content to our ftp in a web friendly format (with a secure login just for TIFF media). We found this to be so successful that our clips went viral VERY quickly! It also helped television media to know what clips we had available so that they could request specific videos rather than an entire digi-beta of all clips and video elements for a film which takes them time to go through and is also quite costly for us to produce on an as-needed basis.

As someone in a new role in the company, I was particularly pleased at how successful our initiatives were due to the good use we made of the resources provided to us by the film makers themselves.

Not only did I assist from a new media stand-point, but I also made use of the software on my company to make a TIFF DVD Reel that publicity could show in their suite at the festival.

Below is a copy of the TIFF DVD Reel I created. Enjoy!


  • profileLisa Bassett is a Digital Marketing and Social Media professional from Toronto, Canada.