I don’t know if it’s because we went on a vacation recently, or if it’s because we’ve has such terrible weather all summer but recently we’ve been venturing out as tourists in Toronto to explore the area and see what this big beautiful city has to offer.

With our travels we’ve discovered that Steam Whistle Brewery serves free beer! All you have to do is walk in the door and they give you a couple of free coupons for 2 glasses of beer at their brewery!

We also ventured over to the new “Urban” Leon’s to look around. It’s a nice place – especially since it caters to us Condo folk. 🙂

We also went over to Centre Island and even rented a quad-ricycle! Winston, Kenny and I peddled around the island and saw some of the sights we haven’t been able to see this summer because of the City workers strike.

Here are some of the photos we took on our journey to the island! You’ll also see some photos of the crazy storm that hit about an hour after we got home!

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