Luckily for me, when I think of the G20 Summit in Toronto, I won’t think of the anarchists and protests.

As the world knows, this weekend was the G20 Summit here in Toronto. We were lucky enough to have the view-point of watching the weekend unfold from just outside of the security perimeter but with the ability to see everything that was going on inside of it beside the Convention Centre. The military-style Police operations were pretty unbelievable and I have to commend our Men and Women in blue for their amazing work. We met so many friendly police officers from across Canada who were here for a single purpose – to do their job of protecting the delegates, the perimeter and the public.

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I wanted to take the opportunity of depicting how peaceful it was around our area – which ironically enough was right in front of the Convention Centre and was the very spot were the delegates would enter and exist the perimeter.

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Meanwhile the madness that was happening further North within the downtown core was completely unforgettable. The so-called Black Bloc Anarchists (vandals) do not even deserve a mention – but I wanted to take the opportunity to say something in the event that one of them did read my blog. What you did to the City of Toronto, the people who live, work and are visiting here and the people who protected, as well as those who love it here is unforgivable. You have now placed doubt in people’s minds and shown people something they never thought they would see in a city like ours. Out and out violence disguised as acts of protest. It was definitely not protest.  As a fellow Torontonian – I will never forgive you for what you did this weekend. In a city surrounded by peaceful protests – what does the world see? You and your disgraceful disrespect for our city. Please do not come back.

Luckily for me, when I think of the G20 Summit in Toronto, I won’t think of the anarchists and protests. I’ll remember how quiet it was around our condo, not having to fight the crowds for a seat on the patio, filming and photographing the helicopters bring delegates to the Summit, the Snipers on the roof watching me watching them, the preparations made by each business (including where I work) leading up to the Summit, the numbers of police, the motorcades and the feeling of hope whenever world leaders meet – hope that one day the promises they make at these Summits do actually come to fruition and something good does come of it.


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