Living on Toronto’s waterfront definitely has its advantages. Aside from the beautiful views, amazing walking trails and nice people, there is also the Harbourfront Centre. This weekend this hub of the arts is hosting a free performance by Cirque Du Soleil!  They started setting up the stage last week inside of the Natrel Pond (the ice rink in the winter) and this week have been practising on it. It all looks pretty amazing and I’m so excited to see the final show. From the description on it sounds like it’s going to be something to experience!

Beginning Friday night, two “communities” will form on the Toronto central waterfront: one representing the natural world in which we have our instinctual roots and the urban community, the world we have constructed around ourselves. They’ll make their homes at opposite ends of the site, each in an environment antithetical to their respective world-view.

What will happen as the weekend unfolds and the two communities encounter and interact with each other? You’ll have to join in the festivities to find out – but expect to be amazed!

Here are the schedule and details for everything that’s going to go down.. (which also apparently includes closing Queens Quay!)

I’ll post photos this weekend! 🙂


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