Aside from my career in Online Marketing and Social Media, some of you may not be aware that I am also a DJ.

In the DJing world equipment is pretty standard… turntables, cd players, a mixer, amp, speakers, headphones, turntable needles and you are pretty much set.

Lately I’ve been using Serato to DJ out live at clubs, bars, raves and events and as much as I love that I don’t have to lug hundreds of records around with me anymore and have the convenience of having my entire music library on my laptop, with Serato there tends to be issues with unplugging and plugging in equipment in order to connect Serato to the system.

Pioneer announced that they have come out with a new CDJ turntable that blows away the competition and will also make it a lot easier to DJ live… in some cases with only a memory stick! This delightful innovation is called the CDJ 2000!

Check out this demonstration! 🙂